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Regenerative Growing. Rotational Grazing. Ancestral Eating. Ethical Livestock Stewardship.

In an effort to be as self sustainable as possible, we are constantly striving for less farm inputs. When everything is working symbiotically, the circle completes itself. When its off, well, chaos ensues. We try to be brutally honest about it all and fully transparent about the struggles, all of the time.   So feel free to join us on our journey, I hope you can learn a few things at our expense… Blaze

Welcome to our Wild Adventure

We are the Baxter Family of Wanette, Oklahoma. We moved here in 2012 from Central California for a better way of life. Tired of the “Rat Race” , we decided, finally, to put our health and family first. This led us to sell everything we owned, move from the life we knew to work toward our goal of self sustainability and establish our small farm, debt free. 

Real, whole, natural, and nutrient dense foods for health is our priority. Happiness, love and family are put above all else. Please feel free to join us in our journey as we learn, grow and, of course, make mistakes, along the way. We are loving every minute of it and we hope to inspire others to make the jump. If we can do it, anybody can. Our only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner.

Live Well, Eat Well . Your Healthy Homestead Journey Begins Here

Why Farm, If you aren’t doing whats right for land, soil, livestock & YOUR FAMILY WELLNESS? Heal yourselves through regenerative, sustainable & ethical homesteading.

Upcoming Classes & Events

We Host Classes & Events monthly to help homesteaders learn important traits from on farm butchering to canning, soap making & much more.

What People are Saying about BBF….

My husband and I attended their Hog Processing Class. It was interesting, informative and even fun. I am new to this and they made it extremely easy to follow and were very welcoming. We are looking forward to attending more classes.

Christine Seapy (More 5 Star reviews on Facebook)

Adventures in Homesteading

If we can do it, so can you. We make the mistakes so you don’t have to, hence….

Bad Baxter Farm

Meet Us / Find Us

As our girls leave the nest, we are still Team Bad Baxter. Come meet our crew….

Our Livestock

Meet our choice registered breeds of heritage pigs, goats, cows & more .

The Naked Homestead Blog

Brutal Honesty from pig to pepper. Find knowledge & humor at our expense…

Aspen Sage Naturals

Chemical, perfume & dye free Spa Products from our Aspen Sage.

Our Poultry Services

Heritage Dual Purpose Pastured Poultry raised right.

Health & Homestead Wellness

Nourish yourself with seasonal food, Homestead symbiotically with no debt .

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