The Naked Homestead

Here we go again! The Naked Homestead. Because….there is nothing. No house, just a naked, clean slate.

Our 3rd time of starting over in 4 years.

Welcome to our new journey and oh what a mess we are. I’ll own it. Our 3rd time of starting over in 4 years. Goodness! 1st by choice, selling a business in CA and moving to OK for a small farm, some needed health healing, needed family time & bonding and just a better way of life.  2nd, wiped out by a tornado and forced to see what really matters in life. After going through it, we understand why that was a much needed part of our path More here:

Introducing, the Naked Homestead….

Now, today, we FINALLY signed papers and paid cash for our new “Naked Homestead”. Oh my geez! How exciting, how fun, our dream come true…. how naïve and bat-shit crazy are we? (Yes, I say shit a lot, get over it. Much love to those strong enough to not cuss through any crazy life venture).

Our goal in moving to this wonderful state has always been better health, more family time AND to become/ live debt free. We got sidetracked, who doesn’t? Life is busy, stuff happens. Well, we went from a large overpriced CA home;  to  a cute, quaint home on 1.3 acres. This was then rebuilt completely , compliments of the May 2013 Tornado. We recovered and had our cute Lil’ homestead with a brand new home working practically perfect and symbiotically.  I had happy, naturally fed animals and healthy humans, a small farm business selling, teaching homestead classes and butchering poultry for others on the side. I had my grocery bill cut in half, a beautiful garden, and were raising chicken and pork for our family.  I was very proud of all that we accomplished in such a small space. So why not just go and jack that all up? Why not start over again just for “shits and giggles”?

A Debt Free, Self Sustainable goal….

We had always talked about wanting, at some point, more space for better self sustainability. We started talking about 5 or 10 acres so we could continue our journey of healthy, natural living. We knew that the tornado gave us equity due to the new house build and we decided to just throw our new home on the market, priced a bit high to see what happens. What happened is it sold at full price in 4 days. Fu#ckity, fu#k,  f!ck! Long story short, we panicked, we packed, we moved livestock and searched for homes. Wonderful farm friends boarded our livestock and we quickly moved our RV to the lake! Lesson 1-Just go with the flow and laugh when you aren’t crying. There will be a lot of both. Embrace it.

We no longer need a fancy house or things to fill it with …

We searched and searched but quickly decided that we both cared more about the land than the home. My how far we have come. We no longer need a fancy house or things to fill it with. We want our own perfect paradise fully paid for. After not feeling good about 2 offers, I stayed up all night looking for less acreage, more acreage, and then I found it. A naked homestead! No house, just 20 beautiful acres with all of our criteria for the property met…just no house. Naked!

So 3rd times the charm and today we signed and paid cash for our 20 acre homestead! Yes it’s crazy, but we never want to have regrets for not trying, and we will succeed! We are totally in over our heads and thrilled about it because, together, we know we can do anything! We will work, cry, laugh and want to strangle each other. We will do it together, love each other, be proud of our accomplishments, learn from our failures and let you laugh your asses off at our ridiculous adventures…let the fun begin. Follow us on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK for vlogs of our future home plans, hilarious failures and awesome accomplishments! Cheers to an amazing 2017! The Baxters


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