A Heroine to My Own Future Health Story

If you take the time to read all of this, it would mean the world to me. ♥️  It’s a raw & personal, health-related post. I think whether we have chosen a lifestyle that in turn causes illness & disease or made a choice that has affected our health poorly, we can all choose today, to make necessary changes to get it back, so this is my story.

As part of an amazing group of over 100,000 women going through this same thing,  “we” feel the money behind the FDA & Pharmaceuticals hiding this, means our voices & your shares, are the only way to help spread the truth. I’ve already been contacted by several women, so, my embarrassment over a horrible decision is their key to more information.  Ladies, this one is tough AND uncomfortable, but I promise that you know someone suffering silently now or will be in the future who can benefit from this information. 
Guys may want to scroll past but if you have a woman in your life that you love, you may want to read on.

It’s taken me many years (the last two being pretty damn sick) to realize I made a huge mistake. I honestly can’t even remember when was the last time I felt truly healthy instead of comparing a “better day” to a “bad day” . 

I chose vanity, an illness in itself, to think that we are not good enough just the way we are. What a terrible lesson to teach my girls. We should all be striving to keep our bodies as organic & all natural as possible (especially us farmers who preach organic practices) whether that’s what we put into our bodies permanently or on a daily basis. 

17 Years ago, after nursing my girls, I decided to get breast implants. That decision has taken my health from me, as well as the ability to fully be a good wife & mother.

As of March 2019 The FDA Acknowledges BII Symptoms & has agreed to change package labeling to a “Black Box Warning”

I now know, I have what is known as Breast Implant Illness or Silicone Toxicity. This can actually be caused by ANY implanted device, knee replacements, mesh, lap bands etc. I would say within 18 months of making this decision, weird issues from severe migraines to stomach issues, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, & dizziness crept in. I guess I was “lucky” as some experience immediate reactions like rash, fever, hives, blood poisoning -all signs of a body rejecting the “product” . Never did I believe my “issues”  were from that decision as I had been told at the time, it was a “perfectly safe, lifetime device”. Those words make me want to cry for my own young ignorance. 

This is a money making product. Doctors tell you what you are excited to hear in a time where your weakness of being disappointed with your beautiful body overwhelms common sense & rationalization of trusting someone who is about to make a lot of cash off of your decision. I blindly accepted those words as truth, choosing high ranked doctor in CA who told me what he wanted me to believe as well. 

BII is caused by an autoimmune response to a foreign object in your body. The first thing that happens to everyone with an implant is your body creates a capsule around it to protect your vital organs from the invader. This capsule is the reason why some woman do not inherit other symptoms for quite some time while others notice small things right away. This capsule is also what harbors ALCL, a breast implant related cancer that is on the rise.  Every implant, be it silicone or saline has a silicone shell harboring over 40 toxic ingredients. I willingly allowed this to be placed over my heart & lungs, causing an inflammatory response. It’s nauseating to think about the fact that I did this to myself. 

Did you know there was a recent recall regarding a specific implant that is causing “higher” incidents of ALCL cancer? (all implants CAN cause this cancer) The FDA & implant company is “NOT Recommending” removal of recalled implants unless “you show signs” of said cancer. Please keep your ticking time bomb, if you get cancer, we will then pay for removal!

This is not a fluke thing as they want you to believe. I wanted to believe it too. The FDA recently admitted to hiding over 300,000 cases of BII illness complaints in the US.  90% of FDA complaints had been hidden including lymphomas & silicone leakage or travel to lymph nodes until last year when they were exposed. (Link below)

So, in early years of my stages, I was seeking doctor after doctor for for my breathing, food/skin allergies I never had before , Celiac diagnosis, cholitis meds for my stomach, fybromyalgia, migrane meds etc. I was not absorbing nutrients well, iron & potassium was always depleted no matter how much I ate. (Still a huge problem I now know is due to toxic heavy metal loads in my body). My friends joked that I was the healthiest looking sick person they knew. 

With no answers, I then became obsessed with diet & exercise to “fix myself”, became a certified nutrition coach as we discussed moving, starting a slower lifestyle & growing all of our own healthy food. I sold my business & quit working to do just that.  This led to what is now Bad Baxter Farm. You know my passion for wellness, & yet here I am, sick. This past year has kicked my ass.  Luckily now, information is slowly changing & today I have a general practitioner on my side.

The past two years, I was in major denial when I came across a show where someone was fighting autoimmune, Lyme, & major illness when she mentioned silicone traveled into different places of her body making it impossible to remove or fight the Lyme. A mammogram showed no rupture. This is actually very common, as that amazing capsule your body creates, can many times attempt to keep leaks hidden & somewhat contained. I started researching, I joined the national support group for a while & then I left because the information was too much, too overwhelming, too close to what I was dealing with. The amount of woman who not only shared all of the same symptoms & illnesses but also shared the drive to have done anything & everything possible health wise to rule other options out, became something I could not ignore. I was reading my own story, over & over. Nobody wants to remove something that made them happy with their appearance, so the denial is very strong at first. We believe what we want to hear, instead of listening to our bodies. There are plenty of people out there who will tell you exactly what you want to hear as well, especially those doctors who’s practice depends on implant income. 

There are many top surgeons who are now refusing to do implants & help fight this fight with & for us. Their choice is not popular with their colleagues, of course. Most doctors are unaware or don’t do research past what they’re being sold. Many patients won’t ever recognize or “seem” to show signs due to the severely under reported or documented cases to newness of knowledge & difficulty to pinpoint. If a person is already living unhealthy lifestyles, there are so many symptoms all over the board they can be experiencing due to BII but are used living with the negative effects. Many get tired of appointment after appointment without resolutions and sadly, many people are fine with just being given a prescription for an issue without question to why or what is causing it, especially at such a young age.  Smack a band aid on the bleeder & call it a day.  

I really didn’t want to believe what I was reading from so many women, all ages, all types of implant, some had them for months, some years. Now I personally know so MANY women going through this, hurting from this, or healing from this. Our Oklahoma support group is now over 1000. I now personally know women who have “un-leakable gummi bears” with floating silicone in their lymph nodes, arms & neck, who deteriorate so fast, you see the fast aging & illness. I also got to see someone transform quickly after removal. All the before & after photos tell a true story that the public doesn’t want to believe & the implant providers/ plastic surgeons try to hide. I know woman with Mast Cell Activation who cannot walk most days, eat foods or get out of bed but look beautiful & smile through it so you’d never know. I actually consider myself lucky, who functions at some level, most days. I fight it. This is not just small amounts of people we are talking about.

Now, my hair is breaking off & falling out, my body swollen & inflamed, my joints ache, my head hurts constantly. I can’t take ten steps without catching my breath,  I’m nauseous, have neuropothy, my skin is orange and dry, I get eye sensitivity & lose words from my vocabulary, lose concentration, have chronic fatigue, constant food/skin reactions, recurring shingles & unexplained bouts of vertigo, swollen lymph nodes & seem to have the hormones of an 80 year old, just to start. I still go day to day, trying to keep it to myself & not complain because, I DID THIS. 

Just as you can recognize somebody who doesn’t eat well you start to learn the symptoms. Implants be it a breast, ass, lap band, joint, mesh, etc. You hear people talking about unexplained migraines, hormone issues, pain, & just know that some people aren’t ready to accept what it could be because you were once them as well.  Even worse, the people who recently make the same mistake, & are already facing infections, rejection or contraction. All of these things our body is trying to tell us as its trying to fight something that’s not supposed to be there. I mean a person with a donated organ must take rejection meds their whole life, and thats for something natural, without unnatural toxin, poisons, never meant to be inside you. All as the industry does what it does best, take our money, tell us it’s safe, then take our money again as they treat a lifetime of symptoms. Sick care at it’s best. 

So here I am telling you my story. I wanted to show I practice what I preach. I have been willing to do the work to come to a tough conclusion & act on it to heal myself no matter what it takes.  My doctor has referred me to a micro surgeon in Tulsa who believes in BII & specializes in proper explant, people are flying in from all over to use him. He took a look at my file & confirmed medical necessity for insurance.

One month from today, I will be admitted to pre-op at St Francis Hospital for a total enbloc/capsulectomy & muscle repair. Total capsulectomy or enbloc is removal of the capsule with implant inside so as not to expose my body to any more toxins or seeping from the implant. Seeping is something all implants do over time, even if they dont rupture. Things like the moisture & heat from your body to elevation compression from flying, all create an atmosphere of expansion & deterioration, even mold growth. Some implants have been known to have no shell at all at removal so it is important to find a doctor who specializes in total capsulectomy.  At one point when we thought insurance wouldnt cover, we were looking into flying to a top explant surgeon in Costa Rica. Crazy right? That’s how sure & how ready I was to be healthy. There are a few top doctors in Florida, Los Angeles & Ohio who only practice proper removals & are loudly speaking out on our behalf with a huge list of patients as proof of what horrible things they’ve seen & on a much more consistent basis than what’s led to believe. Most plastic surgeons don’t want their money makers taken away & sadly most of us woman would rather buy what their selling. I’m so sad that I was one of them but choose not to be a victim, but the heroine to my own future health story.

What if it doesn’t resolve anything?  This question makes me sad but I understand the topics discomfort because I had that thought in the beginning too. I no longer do at all. There’s a realization that happens when you’ve done everything you possibly can to fix things. Becoming a part of a group of amazing woman who are able to discuss, communicate & show support for thousands, sharing diagnosis, blood tests, results & stories of healing makes me positive. The doctors willing to risk their reputation to speak unpopular truths about what they are now seeing daily in their practices make me positive. Would you ask somebody who has cancer “what if it’s not really cancer” ?

I’ve been living with this long enough to admit I was wrong in my choice to get these toxic bags, BUT I did not make this explant decision nearly as lightly. I’ve gone through the struggles of denial, naysayers, the looks I get when I discuss it, even the eye rolls. The “trying to be supportive” pal who says things like “I hope that works for your case but it’s not the norm” . Really it is, more a matter of time & it’s just not something that’s openly discussed. We want to believe we are fine. Implants have to be replaced or removed & with each surgery comes more complications. Each time , a new capsule forming.

Through this group, fighting the fight, going to the FDA, sharing their stories on TV shows, YouTube, blogs, I truly have no doubt this is me. I don’t want it to happen to you or someone you love. That’s worth it to me to keep sharing & accept that some people aren’t ready to hear it. I was them. You. I also know that there’s a positive aspect of sharing the knowledge & feel that it’s my duty to continue because that’s how I learned. Just like anything in big pharma they may have the money to cover up the truth, & plenty willing to blindly accept it, but we have voices to use so I want to be heard by those open to it in case it can help one person. My new Motto will be “Choose to be nontoxic, organic, & all natural, inside & out! “

Luckily I have an amazing & supportive husband who never wanted me to do this in the first place so there’s guilt in that. I’m preventing our home from being finished in order for me to get back my health from something that I chose & he didn’t want. I’m so mad at my younger self who couldn’t see past her own insecurities. He’s made some awesome & funny remarks to keep me in high spirits making this choice easier. Struggling with words, brain fog, vision, & noise he was able to jump in & ask those questions to my surgeon that I couldn’t get to come out of my mouth. I know he & my girls want me healthy & my only regret is that I didn’t find out, that I didn’t listen to others or my body sooner. I want to be the best influence to my three girls & showing them that health is more important than body composition should always have been number one. Check out the hashtag #notOURdaughters

So I will be soon taking off 8-10 weeks of healing time for what I am deeming ” #toxictata eviction day”. Trying to keep a farmer down for that long is going to be the hardest part! 

So PLEASE, tell the world you know me & my story. If it can help one friend or family member, it’s worth it. Don’t argue with the nay-sayers, their defensiveness oftentimes means they just aren’t ready to hear something that hits so close to home but some day they may be & you could have been the one to plant that seed of knowledge. That’s powerful. I will end with a huge list of info, links & details for anyone wanting to begin the research or share it with someone else who is struggling. Also know there are tons of woman in the support groups who did this as reconstruction after cancer. How terrible is it that they have had to deal with these consequences, after already fighting such a tough battle? 

If you’re still with me, I really appreciate you taking your time & thank you for caring enough to read & share. Please reach out if you have any questions regarding this topic, there is a lot of help out there, even non profits willing to help you with insurance approval.  I hope to be at 500% by Spring. 

 Peace. LOVE. Chickens.

Blaze Baxter

Support group for BII



Silicone bleed/seepage:

Explant Only Surgeons:

Dr Feng:

Explant info & stories:


Dr Chun: his Facebook with many explant posts as well as his recorded testimony to the FDA

Dr Rankin: FB page full of explant stories & his findings


Report on FDA Findings Here


Here’s a video from a Canadian chemist contradicting the FDA’s claim that breast implants are (or were since they’re changing their tune) safe:

Implants cause autoimmune:


Saline implants & mold toxicity:

Personal Stories:



Here’s a compilation video showing multiple brands and types of implants at the time they were removed from women’s bodies:

The newest Documentary “Toxic Tits” Here

Stay tuned for “Busted” coming soon

5 thoughts on “A Heroine to My Own Future Health Story

  1. I am so sorry you’ve had to go through all this. I have always admired you strength. I Only wish we lived closer to help support you with this. I love you so much, your story has brought tears to my eyes. Anytime you want to talk, please don’t hesitate to contact me, you have my number. I may know someone that I need to share this story to.

    Love Aunt Judy


  2. As a guy I think you should encourage other guys to read this.You mentioned mesh implants. Decades ago a surgeon used mesh to repair my inguinals to prevent hernias. I have some of the symptoms you mentioned, of course some of the symptoms can be attributed to other conditions. I also have several root canals and I know that they can, also, be deadly and have shared symptoms.


    1. Thanks for your comment! I try not to blow my farm page up with “uncomfortable” topics but now being 6 months out from surgery, I can truly say they were slowly killing me. I am so much better and almost all symptoms gone. I will post an update and reshare from time to time. For things that cannot be removed, I would just say to keep your body as healthy as possible to be able to fight the inflammation and illness these foreign objects cause the human body.


      1. I am 71 and am on NO prescription medicines.I am thinking it may be 20 years since my last vaccine. I also know several farmers and visit the markets. My diet is mostly grass-fed, free-range, organic or better. I am a work share volunteer at a CSA farm where I help a younger lady farmer with infrastructure, she breaks it I fixit (her words). I helped install a high tunnel and am currently installing rain water harvesting.

        I am a widower and have pondered that if I knew then what I know now, she might still be alive. Eleven years coming up on the 29. I am very serious about eating right.


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