A Heroine to My Own Future Health Story

If you take the time to read all of this, it would mean the world to me. ♥️  It’s a raw & personal, health-related post. I think whether we have chosen a lifestyle that in turn causes illness & disease or made a choice that has affected our health poorly, we can all choose today,Continue reading “A Heroine to My Own Future Health Story”

Preserving the Harvest – Tomatoes

There is nothing better than a perfectly ripe off the vine tomato from the home garden. Kissed in sunshine and wonderfully sweet, don’t we all wish that we can have this delicacy year round? The Spring & Summer garden season is sometimes overwhelming and exhausting but if we plan ahead there are things that we can doContinue reading “Preserving the Harvest – Tomatoes”

GMOs, Hybrid, Heirloom & Organic, Whats behind a label?

I asked a friend to help me out with a guest blog post on a sometimes touchy subject. Bruce created the Facebook Groups Oklahoma Frugal Gardening and Oklahoma Plant Swap as well as being an Administrator on Oklahoma Gardening Network. I Constantly strive to provide good quality information to my customers on why we feedContinue reading “GMOs, Hybrid, Heirloom & Organic, Whats behind a label?”

A Healthy Homestead starts from within…. Our Rule of Five

I hate resolutions. I feel like they set you up for unrealistic expectations. Life happens. I also hate the word “diet” other than pertaining to what you eat on a daily basis, always. It shouldn’t be used to define a new and usually only part time, short lived experience. It definitely shouldn’t include non-foods, fake supplementsContinue reading “A Healthy Homestead starts from within…. Our Rule of Five”

Small Homestead Hogs for Meat

I didn’t know what to name this blog post. Although a boring title, the words “small” & “homestead” are of huge importance in making our decisions regarding our choice of pig breeds. Trying to decide between the many breeds of pigs to raise is difficult and confusing. Our path to self-sustainability has led us toContinue reading “Small Homestead Hogs for Meat”

Getting My SH*T Together ( AKA Getting Organized)

Its cold. I hate the cold, and if you don’t, you are wrong. So what better thing to do than to stay inside with a cup of tea and plan out the year as best as possible. We can all be more organized, I think we all intend to, right?  This is the only time of yearContinue reading “Getting My SH*T Together ( AKA Getting Organized)”

Say NO to Fast Food – Heritage Chickens VS Cornish Cross for SUSTAINABLE Meat

March 2016 Throwback Cornish X are raised to grow extremely fast, you cannot breed them yourselves effectively. This makes you dependent on someone else immediately. We personally live this lifestyle to be as self sufficient as possible so, to me, the Cornish X does not make sense for that reason alone. Rangers grow more slowly butContinue reading “Say NO to Fast Food – Heritage Chickens VS Cornish Cross for SUSTAINABLE Meat”

Cali Girl Gone Okie

Cali Girl Gone Okie….One Year Anniversary & what I have learned.  Today is a special day. One year ago today my husband led us to our new home for the first time. We were so nervous and excited.  I fell in love immediately.  The lush green surroundings with fall colors reminded me of Yosemite ValleyContinue reading “Cali Girl Gone Okie”