A Heroine to My Own Future Health Story

If you take the time to read all of this, it would mean the world to me. ♥️  It’s a raw & personal, health-related post. I think whether we have chosen a lifestyle that in turn causes illness & disease or made a choice that has affected our health poorly, we can all choose today,Continue reading “A Heroine to My Own Future Health Story”

Preserving the Harvest – Tomatoes

There is nothing better than a perfectly ripe off the vine tomato from the home garden. Kissed in sunshine and wonderfully sweet, don’t we all wish that we can have this delicacy year round? The Spring & Summer garden season is sometimes overwhelming and exhausting but if we plan ahead there are things that we can doContinue reading “Preserving the Harvest – Tomatoes”

GMOs, Hybrid, Heirloom & Organic, Whats behind a label?

I asked a friend to help me out with a guest blog post on a sometimes touchy subject. Bruce created the Facebook Groups Oklahoma Frugal Gardening and Oklahoma Plant Swap as well as being an Administrator on Oklahoma Gardening Network. I Constantly strive to provide good quality information to my customers on why we feedContinue reading “GMOs, Hybrid, Heirloom & Organic, Whats behind a label?”

A Healthy Homestead starts from within…. Our Rule of Five

I hate resolutions. I feel like they set you up for unrealistic expectations. Life happens. I also hate the word “diet” other than pertaining to what you eat on a daily basis, always. It shouldn’t be used to define a new and usually only part time, short lived experience. It definitely shouldn’t include non-foods, fake supplementsContinue reading “A Healthy Homestead starts from within…. Our Rule of Five”