Team Bad Baxter

It takes a village. As our girls grow up and leave the nest, they are still an important part of Bad Baxter Farm even from afar. The chores may change hands but we know this is our dream and they have their own so as we support them, they enjoy returning home to the farm life to support ours…and we love that.

Blaze Baxter

Manager of Insanity & Bad Decisions

Dorky Oversee-er of daily operations & planning of our next big mistake .

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Mr Bad Baxter

Ever Elusive & “Fowl” Mouthed Chaos Coordinator

Our behind the scenes hero, who hates photographs & pretends to have no heart .

Email me: No dont. Seriously. Just contact Blaze.

Aspen Sage

Our Personal Life Coach

Our last “child” at home who seems to have it all together, even when we don’t. Though her allergies, she has created a popular spa product line using our very own goat milk.

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We have two grown daughters who are Animal Care Specialists in the US Army. Even though they are in other locations, they are our go to phone calls with any animal related emergency! They still love coming home to farm life, any time its possible. Meet Baby Blaze & Jazzy WooWoo.

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